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Time; Friend and Foe

Time can be the greatest friend, yet biggest betrayer. It generously gives what seems like glimpses and instances of happiness while later lingering painstakingly with occasions of hurt and sadness. A continuous, cyclical exchange; as it gives, it takes until the very end when we ask with apprehension, "Where has time gone?"

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Matters of the Heart

The broken heart you left behind eventually mended and healed, but the scarring that holds the pieces together will never feel and can never be touched. Wall constructed, defenses on high, my life is no longer focused on matters of the heart. It is consumed with finding freedom and happiness that were once denied.

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Forever Thankful

I have stood on the edge between life and death. I have heard the voices that tried to will me to let go. I have tangoed with a monster that tortured my body. I have abandoned myself and all that I thought I was. Eyes set on survival, I have arrived to today. Forever thankful.



In my world a silent mind is rarely present. Ideas and thoughts swirl aimlessly with incessant chatter. A creative wonderland, but yet a restless nightmare. My biggest tormentor, my greatest asset.     COPYRIGHT All posts and content on this blog are the works of and @honestlybyellengood.  Unauthorized use and/ or duplication of this material… Continue reading Mind-Full


Superheroes in the Shadows

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month fast approaching, I find myself reflecting on my own battle with cancer.  It is a month that is dear to me and provokes a great deal of emotion and self-reflection.   The following is dedicated to all those who are fighting, have fought, or have passed on despite their admirable and… Continue reading Superheroes in the Shadows

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The Magic of Resilience and Transforming Negativity

At times I find myself stumbling through hard times due to failures in various forms, health issues and even matters of the heart, but never do I let these moments destroy my passion or my sense of self-worth.  If I am nothing else, I am resilient.  I may not always enjoy or embrace change -… Continue reading The Magic of Resilience and Transforming Negativity


Facing Cancer in my Rear-view Mirror

The following essay is written from my own personal perspective and experiences.  No two journeys are the same, and my intentions are not discourage or shed a negative light onto anyone battling or recovering from a chronic disease.  I want to bring awareness to the emotions and events that often occur after the celebration is… Continue reading Facing Cancer in my Rear-view Mirror


Flirting with Depression

Falling down slowly into the dark, secret caverns of the mind despite every effort to stay afloat.  I slowly sink into its comfort and familiarity of nothingness. I do not fear the dark, as I have sunken deep into the murky pitch black so many times  before. With calm and  patience, I a take a deep… Continue reading Flirting with Depression


Writing, It is What I Do

There is one thing, outside of motherhood, that brings me immense joy and fulfillment, and that is writing.  But oddly enough, as much as I love to write, it does not always happen as I would like it to. I am currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop, coffee in had, earphones on with James… Continue reading Writing, It is What I Do