Superheroes in the Shadows

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month fast approaching, I find myself reflecting on my own battle with cancer.  It is a month that is dear to me and provokes a great deal of emotion and self-reflection.   The following is dedicated to all those who are fighting, have fought, or have passed on despite their admirable and hard fought battle.  You are my superhero forever and always.  

You do not need to wear a costume, display magical powers, or appear in a comic to be a superhero.  They can be found in every neighborhood, community, and workplace.  They are the ones that do not boast or parade their powers, rather they hold them close and let them appear only when necessary. 

These superheroes are the ones that work patiently and are steadfast as they strategize and embark on their mission.  You may see them at clinics, hospitals or treatment centers receiving care. Don’t let this mislead you as they are simply arming themselves to fight the monster that has taken residence within.

Superheroes are those men and women who are met with a battle between life and death.  They are not given a choice, but courageously accept the challenge. With loved ones by their side offering care and support, the superhero is still a solo player – it is their body and mind that has to take on the unrelenting punishment from the villian.

As often in life, nothing is fair and outcomes sometimes do not make sense. Some superheroes do not return from battle.  The defeat will never diminish their amazing powers, strength and vigilance. They do leave behind a strategy and battle plan that others can learn from.

Superheroes don’t always appear larger than life and their presence is not always obvious, but they do have what legends are made of. To all my fellow superheroes, I offer much love and adoration.  May your battle be quick and swift, and may you return home victorious.


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