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The Magic of Resilience and Transforming Negativity

At times I find myself stumbling through hard times due to failures in various forms, health issues and even matters of the heart, but never do I let these moments destroy my passion or my sense of self-worth.  If I am nothing else, I am resilient.  I may not always enjoy or embrace change – quite honestly it causes my anxiety to peek through, but I have learned, out of necessity, to adjust and adapt.  Resilience is one of my greatest tools and I keep it honed and at my side.  I have found that if I roll with the punches, but yet stay focused, a freight train could not stop this lady.

If I find myself suffering,  I use the negativity and pain as an ingredient to spark and fuel this machine and allow it to propel me away from the hurt.  I refuse to get comfortable in the pain nor allow it to take up residence.  I also believe you have to keep moving.  Do not stop, but to only to rest.   Learning, living and engaging is what keeps me motivated.  What motivates you during times of adversity?

Life is hard so stay strong, my friends, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.




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